• What Are Retained Earnings?

    What Are Retained Earnings? Announcement Of Receive Earnings: The statement of earnings (earnings statement) is an economic statement that outlines the development in earnings for a company over a specified period. This announcement reconciles the beginning and ending earnings for the period, using information such as net salary from the other financial statements, and is […]

  • Times Interest Earned Ratio

    Times Interest Earned Ratio Times Interest Earned Ratio:The time’s importance earned (TIE) ratio is a quota of a company’s strength to meet its debt obligations based on its modern income. The formula for a company’s TIE number is earnings since interest and taxes (EBIT) partitioned by the total importance payable on bonds and other debt. The […]

  • Double Declining Balance Depreciation

    Double Declining Balance Depreciation Double Declining Balance Method:The double declining harmony method of reduction, also known as the 200% declining balance method of depreciation, is a form of increased depreciation. This means that correlated to the straight-line method, the depreciation investment will be faster in the early years of the asset’s life but slower in the […]

  • What Is Net Working Capital?

    What Is Net Working Capital? Net Working Capital:Net working capital (NWC) is the characteristic between a company’s current assets and current liabilities. A positive net working capital points out a company has sufficient funds to meet its current financial accountabilities and invest in other activities. For example, if current assets are $85,000 and current liabilities […]

  • Bank Reconciliation Statement Definition

    Bank Reconciliation Statement Definition Bank Reconciliation:To do a bank rapprochement you would match the cash harmonies on the balance sheet to the comparable amount on your bank statement, determining the differences between the two in order to make developments to the accounting records, resolve any discrepancies and identify fraudulent negotiations. Did you know? To make the […]

  • All You Need to Know About Cancelled Cheque

    Have you ever been asked to provide a cancelled cheque while applying for a loan or a bank account or a credit card? If yes, then you may be wondering what it is all about. Why don’t you go through this short post and know more? Read on! What is cancelled cheque? Don’t have any […]

  • Guide for Goods & Services (GST)

    With great business comes great responsibilities. Are you ready to be a successful entrepreneur? Or still, you are lacking with some information related to taxes i.e. GST online registration, hot to pay GST? how much to pay? whom to pay? Don’t worry we have covered all your particulars. So GST registration is something everybody requires […]

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