How Can Trade Shows Help With Product Marketing?

No matter how easy technology makes it to reach out to the target customers and promote your business, traditional methods like trade shows remain timeless. The ideology here is pretty simple: the success of every business depends on the customer and market knowledge. If a brand is not well-versed with the customer’s needs and requirements, it is likely to face hurdles in its operations.

Traditional marketing methods such as trade show exhibitions or expos help businesses to understand the consumers and establish a strong connection. Below are a few ways in which trade shows help with product marketing.

1. Attract Attendees

Attracting the attendees or target audience to your booth at Trade show exhibits is much easier. You can use vibrant and catchy displays such as banners, table covers, counters, backlit and more to grab the attendee’s attention. Using such displays will also ensure that your brand name gets imprinted on the target customer’s mind. It will assist with lead generation and drive more sales.

Expos are more effective in attracting attendees because, unlike social media marketing, the potential customers do not scroll through. Instead, the displays help send the brand message and product information; thus, facilitating brand awareness and recognition.

2. Easy To Showcase The Products

Another reason why the trade exhibitions are great is that businesses interact with the audience face to face. They can showcase the use of the product and how it can help add convenience to the customer’s life. This way, it will become challenging for the attendees to overlook the benefits of products.

Not to mention, you can also provide sample products to the attendees to try. It will help you stand out from the crowd and set a benchmark for the competitors. After trying out your product, the customers will surely return for more, eventually increasing sales.

3. Better Brand Communication

How well a brand communicates with its target audience speaks a lot about it. Good brand communication helps build goodwill, market image, and brand awareness. It further allows businesses to reach out to more people and expand their market size. These benefits can be easily accomplished by participating in the exhibitions and expos.

The displays or theme of the booth can help send or deliver the company motto or message to every passer-by. Nevertheless, make sure that the company message is short, simple, clear, and catchy. It will help brand recall or awareness when the customer makes a purchase.

4. Elevates Customer Experience

Good customer experience ensures that they return to the company for more. Trade show exhibitions make it easier for the brands to cater to customers’ needs on an immediate basis. Face-to-face communication allows the brand and target audience to talk freely, which is crucial to establishing connections and generating leads.

Know that not every person visiting your booth is a consumer. Despite that, how you treat them, the pitch you make, and how delighted you are for their visit will help create mutual understanding. It will eventually help boost your market position and goodwill.

Pro Tip: To uplift the customer experience, you can give product trials, especially if it includes products such as auto, cosmetics, or gadgets. Focus on the “experience” that your product can provide to the customers instead of the “product” itself. Once the customer has experienced your product, they are more likely to buy it or recommend the same to their family and friends.

5. Helps Establish Connections

An evident benefit of your exhibitions and shows is that it allows you to interact one-on-one with the target audience. Needless to say, such connections are direct and more effective. It helps create network and business opportunities for the brands. Generating leads and driving more sales are a few more perks you can avail of.

To expand your reach, make sure to exchange business cards or learn about their social media platforms, especially LinkedIn. After the show ends, you can create a list of interested clients or customers and create a follow-up strategy. Also Read – How to Build an Inbound Marketing Plan

6. Get High ROI

Getting a high return on investment is one of the many purposes of every marketing campaign. Trade shows and expos are no exception. You have spent a hefty sum of money on display, products, and booth themes. When the show begins, it is the time to present your product to the market, competitors, and customers and increase your ROI.

Shows and exhibitions create a significant impression on the attendees and influence the customer’s intent to make a purchase. In fact, according to a survey, 74% of the respondents stated that they are more likely to buy a product exhibited at a trade show. The reason is that it allows them to test the product, its quality, and usefulness. So, from a business point of view, there are fewer uncertainties and more growth.

7. Facilitates Sales Funnel

The sales funnel indicates the customer’s journey from product awareness to its purchase. It is a part of every marketing campaign and helps organizations learn about customer behavior and purchase patterns.

As the customers are allowed to experience the usefulness and convenience of the product, it makes it easier for them to make the purchase decision. Additionally, they can consult the business owners or marketing teams present in the show for their doubts or queries. Having appropriate information helps reduce the time typically taken to make a purchase. Plus, it boosts the chances of impulse shopping, facilitating the sales funnel process.

8. Instant Feedback

Last but not least, product marketing using this method ensures instant feedback. It also allows the organizations to make and implement necessary changes. If the attendees have any doubt regarding the use of the product, it can also be addressed immediately. Speaking of the obvious, it is not as feasible in online marketing.

Instant feedback also ensures that the brands get insight into the latest trends and customer preferences and modify future products accordingly.

To Sum It All Up

These are some of the ways in which trade shows can help businesses with product marketing. In addition to this, it allows companies to learn about the competitors, customers, and industry. So, they can improve their product and cater to audiences’ needs.