6 Things To Outsource To Make Entrepreneur Life Easier

When you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, it’s tempting to do everything yourself. But there there is a lot of power in outsource a few key tasks. In doing so, though you may need to invest a little money in the short term, you can save yourself the countless headaches and hours of work required to complete tasks outside your zone of genius. Here are a few things you can delegate, even on a limited budget.

1. Blog Writing

There is a lot of power in hiring a ghostwriter. Even if you enjoy writing, the benefit of having someone else research, write, and perfect high-quality content for your small business’ blog will help put hours back into your day with ease. Get this on the regular with a subscription to article writing services so you can have a steady stream of solid posts without any of the stress of creating them yourself.

2. Tax Filing

Tax season is often complex for small businesses, so spare yourself the struggle by simply paying professionals to get the job done right. Keep a file of receipts, invoices, and the like to make it easy to pass the torch to them when the season rolls around. By outsource this task to the pros, you can help ensure you get the right amounts on your deductions and tax credits, often saving you money in the long run.

3. Social Media Management

Juggling social media accounts and filling them with a steady stream of solid content can take a huge bite out of your workweek. Not to mention, the amount of effort required to keep up with algorithms and best practices can be a real challenge. A social media account manager can ensure that your accounts are active and followers are engaged, allowing you to refocus your energy on your primary tasks.

4. Customer Service

With everything from virtual live chat services to remote phone answering services, outsourcing customer service is easier than ever. Get a subscription package from a company specializing in this service to get affordable support tailored to your needs, or pay a virtual assistant to complete these tasks for you. Worried about quality control and staying connected with your customers? Invest in a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) service to take your phone system digital and give yourself the ability to still have interactions with customers, follow up on voicemails personally, etc.

5. Advertisement and Marketing

Unless you run a marketing company, odds are you’ll do well to delegate marketing to someone else. Marketing has become a multi-faceted beast, so contracting someone who specializes in the field will not only save you hours of time, but it will usually give you better results than if you had tried to manage it all yourself.

6. Website Building and Management

Although pre-made templates, site-building tools, and hosting services have made it a little easier to DIY a site, you’ll often do better paying a web design team to make this happen for you. They’ll have the know-how to execute your vision, integrate your content, and ensure that everything is safe from web threats. In addition, paying an IT specialist to manage your site will help keep everything in tip-top shape from day to day.

Running a small business can take a lot of work, but by outsource some key tasks, you can give yourself enough margin to re-focus your energy where it counts. In addition, seeking professional assistance often makes for more polished results in tasks you’re not as proficient at. In the end, a little help goes a long way in allowing your small business to grow.