How to Restore QuickBooks Backup File?

Your reinforcement document contains your organization’s information up to the date the reinforcement was made. Ensure you reestablish the latest document. 

Follow these means to reestablish a neighborhood reinforcement from a CD, USB streak drive, nearby hard drive, arrange organizer, or other media. On the off chance that you supported up your organization document utilizing the administration gave by QuickBooks Online Backup, you should reestablish it through that equivalent assistance. 


Because your reinforcement duplicate is in a compacted record design, you should utilize the reestablish wizard to bring the information once again into QuickBooks. Try not to utilize the Copy order from Windows. Find a Proadvisor for QuickBooks to managing your accounts dial our QuickBooks Online Support phone number.

It would be ideal if you play out the beneath referenced strides to reestablish the reinforcement documents: 

In the event that your reinforcement record isn’t on your hard plate or in a system envelope, embed the CD, USB streak drive, or another stockpiling gadget in the proper drive. 

In QuickBooks, go to the File menu and snap Open or Restore Company to open the reestablish wizard. 

Snap Restore a reinforcement duplicate (.qbb) and afterward click Next 

Snap Local reinforcement and afterward click Next.

If necessary, click the Look in the drop-down bolt and explore to the area where you spared the reinforcement record, which has a .qbb document augmentation (for instance, mycompanyname.qbb). 

Select the reinforcement document and snap Open. 

Snap Next. 

If necessary, click the Save in the drop-down bolt and explore the area where you need to reestablish the reinforcement record. 

Select the reinforcement record, click Save, and react to any messages QuickBooks may show. 

Reestablishing a QBB (Quick Books Backup) File: 

  1. Search for the record that has to be re-established: Regularly, this might be saved money on a PC’s hard palate (which isn’t prescribed because of a potential hard circle crash will lose the entirety of your information), an outside hard drive, a recordable CD, or a USB drive. 

Note: Please guarantee that the removable media used to back up your document is embedded into the PC. 

  1. Open Quick Books. 
  2. Now you have to select the File menu and determine “Open or Restore Company.
  3. inspect the opposite choices on this page and choose whichever you prefer. every choice is explained in additional detail below. Click OK.
  4. Check the date and time of the backup side to the file name (recommended) to create it easier to differentiate between backup files.

Check the box Limit the number of backup copies during this folder and enter variety if you would like to limit the number of backups created for one company. this could facilitate save disc drive area.

  1. Put a mark on the box. strike a chord in me to backup after I shut my company file every nine times and set the frequency if you would like to induce a daily backup reminder.

Select the choices to verify the information after you save. Bypassing verification hastens the backup method, however, we have a tendency to suggest sanctionative it in order that you’re alerted once any harm is detected to your file. Your choices are:

Full Verification (Recommended)

Quick verification

No verification

  1. within the produce Backup window, click Next.
  2. opt for whether or not to save lots of your backup currently, schedule future backups, or both:

If you decide on it currently

You will be prompted to decide on a location to save lots of your computer files. By default, it’ll be saved at the placement you antecedently laid out in the backup choices. However, if you would like, you’ll opt for a distinct location. choose Save to make a computer file.

If you decide on it currently and schedule a future backup or schedule a future backup solely

To save a backup after you shut your file, I mechanically place a mark on the backup copy after I shut my company file box. you’ll conjointly opt for however usually QuickBooks ought to stop working before you’re prompted to make a backup.

To save a backup to a collection schedule, click the New button to line a backup schedule. you’ll detail your schedule, specify a backup location, and set choices for what day and at what time the backup ought to be displayed. Click OK when happy.

When finished, click the end.

  1. Choose the reinforcement record (.QBB) you would like to change from the “Open Backup Copy” window or employ the “Look in” highlight to seek out your record.
  2. Snap “Open” and after “Next.

(It would be ideal if you note – on the off chance that you are re-establishing a reinforcement document from detachable media, you should publish to QuickBooks were to organize the record too. This is finished by tapping on the “Spare in” bolt and finding the right organizer to reestablish your information on your hard drive.) 

  1. If necessary, click the Save in the drop-down bolt and explore the area where you need to reestablish the reinforcement document. 
  2. Select the reinforcement document, click Save, and react to any messages Quick Books may show. 

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