How Customers Can Judge The Credibility Of A Timeshare Exit Company

The concept of timeshare ownership is losing steam as people realize that these contracts are more like a financial trap. It is easy to fall for slick sales strategies and claims of salesmen stating that you will have a lifetime of incredible holidays at luxury resorts. But sooner rather than later, you realize that you have fallen for a lifetime of expensive maintenance fees, even when you do not use the property. Even worse, you may pass it on to the next generation as an unwanted gift.

Thankfully, there are ways to get out when you seem to be drowning in timeshare debt. But everything boils down to finding the right solution, which can be equally challenging. Choosing a timeshare cancellation lawyer may seem like a feasible one, but it isn’t. The best alternative is collaborating with a timeshare exit company that specializes in the cancellation of these contracts. You spend a fraction and make a smooth exit quickly. But you must verify the credibility of the company first. Let us explain how you can do it.

Check their website

The first point of contact between customers and companies these days is the business website. It is even more important amid the pandemic as you cannot drop in physically and connect online is a better option. If you want to know about the credibility of the timeshare exit company, have a good look at their website. You can easily determine whether it is legit. An honest business prioritizes transparency, and it easily shows on the website. Check facts such as their contact information so that you have a fair idea of whether it actually exists. Go through their services, terms and conditions, and policies. Reliable businesses go the extra mile to clear the concerns of potential customers by answering frequently asked questions on their websites.

Go through their accreditations

When you drop in their website, you will probably see the accreditations of the timeshare exit company displayed prominently. If the company is a member of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), it is surely a credible one to work with. Similarly, an accreditation by BBB is an assurance that you are working with a legit business. These accreditations are like seals of trust and bring confidence for the customers who aren’t really sure about the providers. You must duly check them because you will want to work only with a provider that speeds up your timeshare exit rather than makes things more complicated for you. You can find the information on the website or ask their representative upfront.

Look at the ratings and reviews

When it comes to assessing the credibility of a timeshare exit company, you need not rely on guesswork. Fortunately, there are better ways to learn more about them and be sure about what you find out. You can go through the ratings and reviews of timeshare exit companies to get first-hand information from real customers. Since these are real people who have experience working with the provider, they will have genuine inputs you can depend on. Apart from reading reviews and checking ratings, you can seek recommendations from friends and colleagues who have exited timeshares with the help of a company.

Find more about the industry presence

The length of the industry presence of the company is another helpful parameter to judge its credibility. Businesses that have been around for years are definitely more reliable than the ones new in the domain. A timeshare exit company with a long-standing presence is a better choice because of sheer experience in the industry. You can expect them to know everything about timeshare exits because they will have handled several cases down the years. Even if you have a complex case, they can help you with the best guidance and advice. The industry presence also defines their reputation, so you need not worry about delays and wastage of money by collaborating with them.

Rely on your first impression 

The website shows you the way, and word-of-mouth enhances the trust factor. But you cannot forget your instincts when it comes to deciding the credibility of the timeshare exit company. The first impression says a lot, and you can depend on it to get a fair idea about the legitimacy of the company. How do you feel when you talk to their representative on the phone for the first time? What can you judge about the company when you step into the office for the first meeting? Small things matter, so pay attention to everything that happens during online and offline interactions. Most importantly, trust your instincts because they never lie. If you feel safe and comfortable with them, go ahead.

Responsiveness is the key

Another factor that goes a long way in judging the credibility of the timeshare exit company is its responsiveness. How quickly do they get back when you fill their query form? Are the customer support representatives always available when you need to connect? What is their attitude as they speak to potential customers? Do they answer your questions convincingly and politely? Are they transparent about things when you want to know more about their processes and policies? If you are happy on all these fronts, you can consider collaborating with them to get out of your timeshare. Responsiveness breeds trust and legit businesses go the extra mile because customer trust matters the most to them. If the company does it, there’s no reason you should leave them.

Finding the right timeshare Exit Company may sound like a lot of work when you are already stressed out. You want to close things at the earliest, and only a credible and knowledgeable provider can help you with it. Even if you have to invest some effort in finding the best one, you must do it. Thankfully, this comprehensive checklist can help you take your pick faster and with more confidence. Go ahead and start ticking the points and you will have the right provider working for you sooner than you think.