Kickstart Your Business In Italy With An Investor Visa

The idea of starting a business in a foreign country sounds daunting, but it is an alluring prospect for risk-taking entrepreneurs. You get to explore new markets in a different part of the world, which sounds exciting. Not to mention, you get a chance to live and work abroad as a part of your entrepreneurial journey. You may even choose to settle there for good if things go well with your business in the long run. But everything boils down to choosing the right location for setting up and growing your international venture.

If you are looking for a destination with good chances of success, Italy is a name to trust. The country offers lucrative growth opportunities with its broad market and easy tax norms. Even better, you need not struggle much with immigration as the investor visa gives fast and easy access to Italy. If you want to know more about this immigration option, here is a detailed guide by Bersani Law Firm to help. Let us explain how you can rely on the Italian investor visa to kickstart your business in the country.

Fast and straightforward process

Kickstarting a new business is about launching fast, and an Italian investor visa excels on this front. The process is simple and straightforward, so you need not wait for ages to get in and start with your dream enterprise. You can venture into the market when the opportunity is around. There is no need to miss out on it or worry about an extended administrative process for procuring a valid visa.

The process begins with an online application for a certificate of no impediment (nulla osta). You can obtain the certificate within only thirty days, provided you have the documents in place. Once you have your nulla osta, all you need to do is apply for an investor visa at a local Italian consulate. Complete documentation gets you the visa quickly, and you can land in Italy sooner than you imagine.

Investment is the only eligibility requirement

Italian immigration is among the easier ones as you have multiple options to explore. You can apply for citizenship right away if you have a bloodline, marry an Italian, or have been there for ten years. But these routes have stringent eligibility requirements to fulfill. However, it is not the case with an investor visa. Unlike the conventional citizenship routes, eligibility requirements for an investor visa are minimal.

If you are over 18 years of age and have no criminal offenses on record, you can go ahead with the process. As long as you have funds to invest, nothing can stand in your way. You need not validate your bloodline with a long list of documents or marry an Italian to live in the country. All you need to do is invest in one of the options listed in the requirements. Here are the options that make you eligible.

  • An innovative Italian startup- €250,000
  • A locally incorporated company that operates in the country- €500,000
  • A philanthropic donation supporting a public interest project- €1 million
  • Italian government bonds- €2 million

Risk-free option for potential investors

An Italian investor visa is ideal for people with high net-worth as you have to invest in a massive amount to qualify. But the good thing about the option is that it is completely risk-free. You need not invest anything until you get your visa and a resident permit in the country. Until then, you only have to give a declaration of your intention to bring in the funds. Additionally, you have to validate that you have these funds through bank statements or relevant documents.

You have to submit the evidence and declaration as a part of the nulla osta process. The investment needs to come only once you have a confirmation of legal residence in the country. You have to bring the money within three months after the permit, failing which the visa will be revoked. There couldn’t be a less risky way to invest in a foreign country as you get the funds only after the process is through.

Start your business with a residence status

Landing with your investor visa is your first step towards starting your new business in Italy, but the road ahead is long. You have to apply for your residence permit by visiting a local police station in your area, which is valid for two years. At this point, you have to bring in the committed investment in the entity you list in your nulla osta application. Once you have your permit, it is time to move ahead with your business goals as a resident of the country.

You can work here, bring your family along, and travel in the EU without visa restrictions. Moreover, you can launch your business and get the right start. It is an opportunity to extend your business outreach and kickstart your growth goals sooner rather than later. Subsequent renewals make you eligible for permanent residence after five years and citizenship by naturalization after ten years. There couldn’t be an easier route for staying here for good. You get a chance to set up and grow an international business as an Italian citizen in the long run.

An investor visa can be your golden ticket to starting a business in Italy and giving a new life to your family. The best way to go ahead is with assistance from an Italian citizenship expert because they can handhold you through the entire journey. They handle the immigration norms while you can focus only on establishing and growing your business in the Italian market.

An expert can guide you about the best option to invest in Italy so that your money is safe. Further, they can chart a roadmap for citizenship by naturalization in the long run. Collaborating with a professional is even more important if you have the long-term goal of citizenship in mind. They make sure that you stay compliant with immigration requirements and get there smoothly.