Pros and Cons of Being a Freelance Web Developer

So you are thinking of becoming a Freelance Web Developer. Maybe you’re tired of the same job every day and want more diversity in your job. Perhaps you are looking for a better balance between work and life or want to be your boss.

Alternatively, a traditional full-time position may not fit your lifestyle, but you still want to build a portfolio, expand your skills, and be rewarded for doing so.

Before delving into the numerous advice columns on building a business and making money as a full time or part time Freelance Web Developer at dormzi or any other agency, you need to decide if this is the right path for you.


Freelance gives you the freedom to continue to hone your skills while working on exciting projects. You also found it very rewarding to lend my skills to create new products and features and need professional help.

Also, Freelance Is Excellent For The Following Reasons:

There is a great demand for web developers worldwide, and there is a shortage of qualified candidates. This means there are many gigs available, and there is a bit of room in what gigs you need.

Unless you want it, it’s never mundane. Once started, the new project you are working on will flow steadily. In many cases, multiple projects are run at once, and you don’t get caught up in ruts. You will also meet many interesting clients.

Some have crazy ideas; others have more boring and practical tasks. The projects you can choose are as diverse as people around the world.

As you build your portfolio, you can accurately determine the type of project you want to specialize in and focus on your most interested.

1. You Are Your Boss:

Ultimately, you choose the clients you want to accept, the hours you work, and the amount they will pay. Keep in mind that each may have a limiting factor.

For example, working hours can affect the clients available, but ultimately you have a choice.

2. Choose How Much Work You Do And How Much Play:

If you run an independent home-based business and want to take a vacation for your family, you don’t need to ask for permission unless you have a client waiting for your project.

Take a vacation, or take a long weekend. You are free as a bird as long as you can pay the bills.

3. You Have The Freedom To Work Anywhere:

This varies from project to project, but generally speaking, you can go and work anywhere with a phone, WiFi, and a laptop. This means you can work at home, on the go, in a coffee shop, or a shared workspace.

You can choose the most comfortable and productive place.


1. Managing Yourself Is Challenging:

Working in a traditional full-time web development role at an established company can provide structured learning opportunities, as well as daily access to mentors, professionals, and best practices that you probably won’t get as a freelancer.

Even if you want to end up in a freelance position, it’s worth considering developing your skills in a more traditional setting before jumping into the unknown.

It’s more marketable if you have built a decent portfolio and worked in web development before starting a freelance job. It also gives you a higher level of skill and quality of work to share with your clients.

2. Being Self-employed Can Be Very Stressful, Especially When You Start:

Clients can be unreliable, jobs fail, and payments don’t come as fast as you want. Initially, you may not get a stable cash flow, especially if you build a portfolio and find clients. Your daily life can be very emotionally exhausting.

3. MisManagement Of Time Comes With Odd Hour Work Efficiency:

You may end up working odd hours to make available for your client’s schedule. Flexible time is a luxury for a well-established freelancer. If it’s when your client is working, you’re working. Having an established customer base and a quality referral network will make it more demanding, but it will ensure that you get what you get first.

Final Thoughts:

Like any other job, Freelance Web Development has many advantages and disadvantages. Self-employed may be the perfect fit for your career if you can handle the uncertainty and pressure.

If you’re looking for mentoring or training and aren’t ready to do everything you can to make this happen yourself, you’re probably happier to work with a team of established companies. The most important thing about your decision is which part of your job is most important to you.

Think about how you want your work to fit into your life and start from there.