The Malted Beverages – Ovaltine Vs. Milo

Ovaltine Vs. Milo: Ovaltine and Milo are among the most reknown powder malt drinks worldwide. Nearly all shops, as well as grocery stores, have these brand names.

Both are commonly love because they are delicious, therefore, nutritious. One can obtain minerals, vitamins, and energy from one cup of Ovaltine or Milo.

In different percentages, the two brand names have taken care of developing a solid reputation and winning the trust of their specific customers.

They are constantly fighting preeminence in the beverage globe, with each brand producing one-of-a-kind, however, quality items to outshine the other.

The main distinction between both is the focus on fat and nutrients. Ovaltine offered in the United States market has no fats, unlike Milo. It is additionally extra focus than Milo regarding dietary material.

Ovaltine Vs. Milo

These two brands have some noteworthy differences and also similarities. They are the fiercest opponents in the chocolate-flavoured drink sector. If you are an enthusiast of the delicious chocolate malt drink, check out these two brands.

Background – Ovaltine Vs. Milo


It’s a milk-flavouring product made from whey, sugar, and malt. It was formerly known as Ovomaltine. Its origin is in Bern, Switzerland. Ovomaltine was derived from “ovum,” which implies an egg in Latin.

The initial drink was made from the egg as well as malt. Later the business moved to Neuenegg, where its manufacturing is still done. Ovomaltine was first sent to Britain in 1909.

Today, in the UK, Ovaltine is signed up under Associated British Foods, a British firm headquartered in London. In the USA, it’s generated by Nestle. It was obtained from Novartis in 2007.


Its native land is Australia on 29th August 1934. Thomas Mayne, an Australian industrial drug store, developed it.

It’s generated by Nestle, a Swiss business that manages the manufacturing of foods and beverages. Nestle’s headquarter is in Vaud, situated in Switzerland.

According to earnings plus other vital metrics, Nestle is the top-ranked food business in the world. Today, Milo is the most effective brand name in the malt service world.

Usage – Ovaltine Vs. Milo


Ovaltine can be offered in different kinds, such as; ice, hot or cool drinks. Brazil has the second-largest Ovaltine Business worldwide as well. It is the second-largest consumer of the product.

The Ovaltine produced in Brazil is distinct due to its unique manufacturing techniques. It’s frequently served (combined) with vanilla ice cream.

Bob, the biggest business rival of McDonald’s in Brazil, relocates sundaes and milkshakes made from Ovaltine. While in 2016, McDonald’s won the legal rights to exclusively market Ovaltine’s famous milkshakes or smoothies.

In Hong Kong, the Ovaltine is a distinct beverage described as a coffee shop beverage. It’s offered in popular coffee shops like Adage’s Express and Reef. Ovaltine is served chiefly as an ice, cool or warm beverage drink.

In Malaysia, Ovaltine shed its appeal to Nestle Milo. It’s the fiercest rival in the delicious chocolate malt beverage globe.

Nevertheless, the Ovaltine brand is still available and can be discovered in grocery stores. It’s cost chilly offering in Tetra Pak containers.

In Japan, Ovaltine was a fall short. It was just marketed in the 70s by the renowned Calpis industries. 


Milo is typically served (mixed) with either cold or warm milk in Australia and New Zealand. It’s a conventional drink in both nations.

The one point that has made Milo so popular is that they are customer-oriented. Milo customizes their products for outdoor Australia to fulfil the regional preparation approaches.

In Malaysia and most of the Eastern nations, it’s commonly served with ice. They describe it as iced Milo or “Milo Ais” in their language.

Iced Milo is available in McDonald’s as well as KFC. In Eastern nations, it’s likewise offered with Milo Godzilla’s name. Milo Dinosaur (A cup of Milo, covered with an un-dissolved spoon of Milo).

It’s offered in many forms, such as Neslo and Milo Mangkuk. It’s also used to spruce up the Batik cake.

Nutritional Value 


It’s marketed as a healthy and balanced beverage for kids and adults. The glass is nutritious as well as fits most diet plans. Ovaltine contains slims and also calories. It’s got various other vital nutrients that support better wellness.

It is extra nutritious if you blend it with great foods that are similarly nutritious. Here is the detailed dietary info on the Ovaltine product packaging tag.

  • Energy: 112kal/ 473.4 kj.
  • Protein (per offering 30 grams): 2.0 g.
  • Carbs (per offering 30g): 23.0 g.
  • Fat( per serving 30 grams): 0.9 g.
  • Sugar (per serving 30 grams): 16.4 g.
  • Salt (per offering 30 grams): 42mg.

Vitamins and Minerals

  • Calcium: 1351.2 mg.
  • Folic Acid: 48.6 mcg.
  • Iron: 19.2 mg.
  • Vitamin A: 716.3 mcg.
  • Vitamin B1: 1.7 mg.
  • Vitamin B2: 3.1 mg.
  • Vitamin B6: 2.4 mg.
  • Vitamin B12: 2.1 mcg.
  • Vitamin C: 77.1 mg.

The milo brand name is typically market as an energy drink. This is because of its high-power web content. However, it also has other essential nutrients that ensure the body’s proper function.

Although its make-up varies according to region, Milo is generally develop from cacao, milk powder, malt barley, sugar, and other nine vitamins and minerals. Right here is the detail dietary composition of Milo, as highlight on the product packaging tag. Per 30 grams of serving equals one cup.

  • Energy: 124kcal/519.0 kj.
  • Healthy protein (per serving 30 grams): 3.5 g.
  • Carbohydrates (per serving 30g): 20.1 g.
  • Fat( per serving 30 grams): 3.0 g.
  • Sugar (per serving 30 grams): 12.2 g.
  • Salt (per serving 30 grams): 45mg.

Vitamins as well as Minerals.

  • Calcium: 520mg.
  • Dietary fibre: 4.5 mg.
  • Iron: 11.5 mg.
  • Phosphorus: 580mg.
  • Vitamin B2: 1.1 mg.
  • Vitamin B6: 0.6 mg.
  • Vitamin B12: 1.8 mg.
  • Vitamin C: 60g.
  • Vitamin D: 5mg.

Milo is the most effective alternative for you if you’re the kind that likes sugar levels. It has reduced sugar web content. On top of that, its carbohydrate content is relatively low too. Nonetheless, Ovaltine has additional vitamins/minerals.

Health Benefits

1. Assist in the advancement of solid bones.

Ovaltine and also Milo has been strengthened with Calcium. Calcium is an essential nutrient that ensures the growth of solid bones. Kids must take milk combined with either Ovaltine or Milo.

Children who take milk combined with Ovaltine or Milo have higher calcium levels than those who take plain milk. Ovaltine and Milo optimize the Calcium plus increase the calcium web content to approximately 66%.

2. Blood production

Iron is an essential mineral when it pertains to blood production. Milo, as well as Ovaltine, include iron minerals. Daily intake of either of the beverages will deal with your day-to-day iron demands.

Iron additionally executes other necessary features in our bodies: the law of body temperature level boosts emphasis and essential body health, improves gastrointestinal processes, etc.

3. Reinforces immunity

Ovaltine and Milo include numerous vitamins. Vitamins are recognized to enhance the body’s body immune system. Vitamin B6, one of the crucial vitamins, is located in the two beverages. It aids in the manufacturing of red blood cells.

For that reason, it ensures the correct flow of oxygen throughout the body. Vitamin B6 also has a positive result on the immune system. Vitamin B12 is additionally a vital mineral; the absence of it makes you look anaemic.

4. Help remove toxic substances in the body

The reliable circulation of oxygen in the blood accelerates the cleansing procedure. The mineral iron plays an essential duty in this part. The intake of Ovaltine and Milo will ensure healthy and balanced body organs such as the liver and kidney.

5. Increase respiratory system as well as cardio health

Cocoa that is use in the manufacturing of beverages contains Theobromine. It assists in reducing high blood pressure, enhancing respiratory system wellness and blood flow, and much more.

Theobromine is recognize to have even greater impacts on our bodies than high levels of caffeine but has few side effects.

The Side Consequences Of Ovaltine As Well As Milo

Despite the numerous health and wellness benefits, Ovaltine and Milo have some negative results on the body. Both beverages are refer to be great stimulants.

The power is receive from sugar and carbohydrates, which tend to have damaging results if absorb extra. Below are some of the side effects.

1. Diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and also other types of cancer

Ovaltine and Milo do have sugar. The Sugar web content is higher than other vital additives.

Sugar has calories, and excessive intake will undoubtedly boost the fat levels in your body. Higher consumption of beverages might bring about diabetes and also various other illnesses.

The carbs in the drinks increase blood glucose degrees. Higher sugar levels can be harmful to people with diabetes as well as insulin resistance.

2. Increased weight

Milo, as well as Ovaltine, have high sugar material. Taking in a much more considerable quantity of sugar won’t reduce your cravings. It makes you want to consume more sugar.

Taking in even more sugar indicates boosted weight. I recognize it needs to make better sense to a lot of you. You are questioning how sugar is related to a weight boost.

If you intend to increase your weight, do not utilize sugary drinks to bring about other serious illnesses.

Final thoughts

Setting the contrasts apart, Milo and Ovaltine are so nutritious and delicious. They are a reliable source of vitamins, minerals, and power.

The option you make is according to your preferences. If you require something malty or chocolaty, it’s entirely upon you to select your preferred brand that pleases your requirements.