What To Look For In An Online Examination Platform

Enterprise-grade, end-to-end tools for potential learning and selection are some functions of online assessment platforms. They efficiently depict a candidate’s path and preparation from the testing and selection through onboarding. These technologies simplify human resource (HR) activities when combined with evaluations.

Here are a few things to consider when finding an online examination platform.

Setting Up Different Types Of Questions

To make the online test more user-friendly, it is also imperative to have both objective written questions. A diverse pattern of questions with mathematical expressions, graphics, formulae, and other elements is another crucial feature controlled by various online examination platforms like Janison. The questions can be constructed following their degree of difficulty, and the student’s performance will be assessed in light of this factor.

Analysis Of Results

Schools must evaluate students’ learning and growth to preserve their reputation. Therefore, instructors and administrators do thorough inspections and analyses once the tests are over. Reports containing specifics, such as mark sheets, graphical representations, dashboards, detailed accounts of strong and poor students, and other information, are available in online examination software. Even the management team may review the overall result summary of their firm by using their privileged access to the software.

Automation Of Planning And Registration

Candidate registration and categorization come first in any evaluation process. However, if the platform does not have enough applicant management tools, the pre-exam phase of large-scale tests might become quite chaotic. In light of this, processing student applications, organizing candidates in groups, creating exam schedules, etc., are some of the earliest and most crucial functions of an online examination platform.

Data Protection and Online Monitoring

Security is paramount in an era where practically everything is done online, so storing all information, even assessment results, on the cloud and limiting access to authorized individuals is essential. It’s important to encrypt data. The online assessment platform should provide a fair and invigilated testing experience without any possibility of impersonation with additional techniques, individual identification, and distraction level detection.

Why Consider Using An Online Assessment Website

Online assessment benefits students in various ways, including increased student engagement and the development of better learning abilities. In addition, these tests are administered using an online testing system, which significantly streamlines and expedites the testing procedure.

Not Restricted To A Classroom

Teaching and assessing pupils are two tasks that shouldn’t be restricted to the four walls of a classroom and can be completed whenever and wherever one chooses with the help of technology.


Due to their high level of engagement, multimedia components like movies or recordings included in the test are enticing to students. In contrast to material delivered in plain text and extended sentences, visual and auditory learners emphasize multimedia content more. Also Read – Benefits of Going to an Online College

Helps Students With Special Needs As Well

The benefits of taking exams and getting evaluated online are also available to those with special needs. Several helpful techniques exist; for instance, pupils can touch the screen to enter their response rather than typing it. Another fantastic choice and a perfect answer for those having trouble composing essays is speech-to-text.

Prevents Use Of Unfair Means During Exams

The use of unfair means during examinations is eliminated to a great extent during online assessments. However, online proctoring is also very strict. Thus if students even attempt chatting, their exams are often immediately canceled.


Institutions aspire to alter learning in the classroom in light of technological improvements. Teachers are persuaded to adopt online assessment instruments to assess students and boost achievement due to the ease of online learning resources and opportunities.