7 Benefits of Custom Web Design

When looking to create a website for your business, you want an effective and responsive one that helps fulfill your business goals. You have two options; to have your website custom-designed or have it designed from ready-made templates. When you look deeply at these two, the custom-design option comes out as the wisest choice. While it may cost you a little bit more to create, this helps you receive a unique website that offers greater usability and is more customized for your business. Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of a custom-designed website.

1. It’s Unique

When you opt for a custom-designed website, you will receive one that is not offered by anyone else. You will have access to a new design along with unique content. This can help you stand out from the competition, especially if your company is in the same market. You will receive a site that gives your business an edge over the others in the market.

2. More SEO-Friendliness

If you build your site from scratch, it allows you to make an effective one that takes advantage of the latest SEO techniques. While using templates may help you save time and money, it does not offer complete control over the design. This makes it difficult to build one that is SEO-friendly. This brings in the need for an experienced company like UnReal Web Marketing that has the knowledge of using the right SEO techniques to create a site that helps get higher search engine rankings.

3. Better Usability

Usually, when you pick out a template to design your website, it is developed using the same platform that other web pages in the same template use. This means that it may offer optimum usability for certain types of websites, but not your business’s one. An experienced custom website designer is well aware of the specific needs of your company and can create a website that offers the best usability. That way, your visitors can navigate your site with ease, giving you better chances of improving conversions.

4. Greater Potential

A customized website offers a greater potential for your business. It gives you the opportunity to add new features and content that can help in making your site better and more popular. When you choose a template, sometimes it limits your options that can hamper the growth of your business in the future.

5. Better Security

The templates that you can choose from may contain security loopholes. This is because they are created by different developers who use the same platform, in the same manner, that does not allow you to identify or plugin security holes. However, when you create a custom-designed website for your business, you can be sure that it contains no such loopholes. A good developer will make use of the latest security measures to keep your website safe from hackers.

6. Better Branding

When you choose a template to design your website, it may not allow you to implement some custom branding techniques. This can harm your branding efforts that are important for increasing the conversion rates of your website. However, when you have a custom website created for your business, this issue does not occur. The developer will allow you to implement the brand identity that you want on your site, helping you create a strong online presence for your business.

7. More Flexibility

When you design your website from scratch, it gives you the flexibility to take advantage of future designs. The developer will keep in mind your company’s needs and build a site that can grow with you. However, when you choose a template, it may not offer this flexibility. For example, if the design of your website is not responsive to mobile devices, visitors can have trouble accessing your site.

Custom web design offers many benefits that template-based sites do not. It comes with many advantages, including the fact that you have complete control over the design. If you want an effective website that gives your business a unique identity, you should contact an expert for custom web design services.