Want to personalize your Mac? 5+ easy ways to do it

Apple is highly appreciated for its minimal user interface, and while Macs work well enough right out of the box, you can tweak some of the settings to personalize its appearance. Here’s how you can customize Mac to adjust to your personal taste and truly make the device your own.

1. Set the wallpaper to change every few days or hours automatically

Changing the desktop wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to enhance the appearance of your Mac. Click the Apple icon > select System Preferences > choose Desktop & Screen Saver to change the wallpaper.

Under Dynamic Desktop, you need to select a wallpaper picture and tick the option to Change image. You can even adjust the default duration and select the Random Order box to allow your wallpaper images to keep changing randomly. For keeping things managed, you can select a folder where all your wallpaper images are saved.

2. Change folder icon to quickly find what you’re looking for

Organizing your website using attractive visuals is one of the best ways to enhance your Mac’s productivity. By assigning custom icons to individual folders on your system, you can forget about reading the folder names to find what you need.

One of the best ways to change folder icons on Mac is using the Image2icon application. You need to drag the folder into the app, choose the shape of the icon and drag it into the folder. For more information on the app’s features and how you can download it, click https://setapp.com/apps/image2icon.

3. Adjust the color scheme of your system

Suppose you don’t want to see highlighted text in the default blue corner. There’s a way to change that. Go to System Preferences > click General > change the Highlight Color to a different color of your choice.

You can see eight color choices on the menu, and for more options, you can select Other.

Furthermore, you’ll see an Appearance option that lets you adjust the menus, buttons, and windows of all applications to a monochrome option called Graphite. If you want, you can change the accent colors on your Mac from the System Preferences.

4. Activate screensaver using Hot Corners

If you’ve already changed the wallpaper, you must be wondering about the ScreenSaver that you see whenever your system’s screen is locked. It is possible to personalize the ScreenSaver by clicking the Screen Saver tab under the Desktop & Screen Saver window. You can choose the ScreenSaver of your choice and select Hot Corners, a feature in macOS that users use to invoke actions from the screen’s corners. The feature is activated when you move the mouse to defined corners.

5. Personalize the menu bar on your Mac

Think again if you thought the menu bar was only for extra information. You can get creative to customize the menu bar.

For instance, you can optimize the battery to save energy. For this, you can choose to adjust the display turn-off time when your system is in an idle state. Go to the Energy Saver Menu via System Preferences to make other changes to the hard disk.

Moreover, you can adjust how the clock displays the time and date. You can change the time from Analog to Digital or vice versa. Click on the displayed time and open Date & Time Preferences. If the time or date is incorrect, you can make changes, and you can even set the Language and Region Preferences according to your wish. Then, you can make changes to the clock, such as using a 24-hour clock or other changes.

6. Change how Spotlight searches

Have you stored personal files on your Mac that you don’t want others to find? If so, you can adjust how Spotlight searches, so those personal files are not listed during a search. You can exclude those files during a complete system Spotlight query by launching System Preferences > clicking Spotlight > selecting the Privacy tab > clicking the + button to add an entire disc or folder that you don’t want to be displayed during searches.

Moreover, it is possible to personalize Spotlight displays the way search results. Click the Search Results tab > deselect the category you don’t wish to see, or you can drag the categories in your preferred order. You can even change the Spotlight shortcut. Also Read – Benefits of IT in Business

Summing up

Personalization of Mac involves a lot more than changing the appearance of your system. You can hide files to keep them away from prying eyes or change the folder icons, so you don’t have to waste time reading through the folder names. Such changes can enhance the productivity of your system and help you get more work done within less time. So, follow the tips mentioned above and truly transform your device as your own.