Escort Generator on Rent

Escort Generator on Rent: Do you want a generator on rent? And if you are thinking of getting an escort generator, this may be your right decision. This company manufactures generators of the latest technology and is also famous for providing the best service.

The response time of this Escort generator is below 12 seconds. This electric power generator is mostly to work for important at variable load. The exceptional functions to be had in an Escort generator like generators engine reliability, brief response time, gasoline tank ability, and the burden supply capability cause them to be more popular compared to other generators.

Escorts produces a wide range of engines, railway equipment, automotive components, and equipment dealing with materials and construction.

Escort Generator on Rent
Escort Generator on Rent

On this page, you will get to read about the latest Escorts DG sets, features, and more from Escorts Rental Generator benefits.

Important Facts for Renting an Escorts Genset 

Brilliant Activities 

  • Chip-based auto-start controller for AMF activity 
  • Remote beginning and stop office 


  • Smaller 
  • Perfect with any AMF/PIU rationale controller 
  • Simple access to all help focuses 

Safe to utilize 

  • Furnished with fire retardant froth 
  • Inbuilt security highlights like  HWT1, LFL3, CHF4, RWL5 

Eco-Friendly features

  • Low noise with fewer vibrations 
  • CPCB-II standards 
  • Clean releases 

Escorts Generator Optional Highlights

  1. Multi FB input AMP Framework 
  2. Auto synchronization for parallel tasks 
  3. Auto Move Switch (ATS) 
  4. Cold beginning Pack 
  5. Trolly Trailer mounted sets 
  6. Electronic Senator 
  7. Remote checking framework through Modbus correspondence 
  8. Completely AMF with the best change over and recuperation time. 

Standard Highlights of Escorts Generator 

  • Have abundant space in acoustic for Simple Upkeep. 
  • Separable Fuel Tank for simple cleaning 
  • Extraordinarily planned acoustics to meet stringent MoEF/CPCBnorms of underneath 75 DBA 1 Meter at 75% burden under free field conditions. 
  • The acoustic enclosures are made of thick CRCA sheets and a Sheet/auxiliary sheet metal base edge painted in dark is 3mm. 
  • Auto Start/Auto Stop, Remote Beginning/Auto Stop as a standard element. 
  • Entryway Locks and Entryway Pivots are made in Tempered Steel for long life. 
  • Smaller size to appropriate low space criteria in housetop applications. 
  • Brought together lifting for simple taking care of and security. UV ensured polyurethane powder covering for long life. 

Some Model Of Escorts Generator And Its Determination 

ELG25 Escorts Diesel Generator Set 

  • Cooling Structure-  Water Cooling 
  • Engine Model – G-25
  • Measurement -2400 x 930 x 1385 mm 
  • Fuel Tank limit -150 ltr 
  • Number Of Cylinder- 3
  • Weight- 1050 kg

25 kVA Escort Powerlux Silent Diesel Generator

  • Power-25/20 KVA/KW
  • Cooling System- Liquid
  • Engine Model -G25-II
  • Dimension- 2400 x 1030 x 1410 mm
  • Fuel Tank Capacity- 130 L
  • Rated Current-230 V-108 Amp,415 V-35 Amp
  • Number Of Cylinder-3 
  • Dg Set Model- ELG 25
  • Brake Horsepower- 37BHP
  • Weight- 832 kg

35 kVA Escort Powerlux Silent Diesel Generator

  • Power- 35/28 KVA/KW
  • Cooling System- Liquid
  • Engine Model – G40-II
  • Dimension- 2700 x 1030 x 1450 mm
  • Fuel Tank Capacity- 130 L
  • Rated Current- 230 V-152 Amp,415 V-49 Amp
  • Number Of Cylinder-4 
  • Dg Set Model- ELG 35
  • Brake Horsepower- 58BHP
  • Weight- 945 kg

7.5 kVA Powerlux Silent Diesel Generator

  • Power- 7.5/6 KVA/KW
  • Cooling System- Liquid system
  • Engine Model Name – G12-II
  • Dimension of generator – 1530 x 930 x 1160 mm
  • Fuel Tank Size- 80 L
  • Rated Power- 230 V-32 Amp,415 V-10Amp
  • Number Of Cylinder- 2 
  • Dg Set Model – ELG 7.5
  • Brake Horsepower- 15 BHP
  • Weight- 633kg

10 KVA Escort Diesel Generator

  • Cooling System- Water Cooling
  • Engine Power-18 bhp
  • Fuel Type- Diesel
  • Rated Speed- 1500 RPM
  • Engine Model- G12-II
  • Dimension 2000x1000x1200 mm
  • Fuel Tank Capacity- 95 Litres
  • Insulation- Class A
  • Phase- Three Phase
  • Output Voltage- 230/415 Volts
  • Weight- 600 Kg
  • Power Rating Range- 10 KVA
  • Style- Standby
  • No of Cylinder – 2
  • Emission Norms- CPCB -2 compliant

Why Should We Get an Escort Generator on Rent?

Information on the wide assortment of items available can be priceless to you. The dealers guarantee that the generator you choose for renting will accommodate your financial limit and satisfy your needs. 

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The advantage of renting an Escort generator is that it will be covered by a dealer’s guarantee. Escort generator is the best and reliable generator for renting purposes. 


 In this blog, we talk about their Escort Generator on Rent particulars, highlights, and more subtleties. 

If you want more details related to the best you can find your answer by visiting our EO Energy website and call our support team.

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