10 Quick Cost-Saving Ideas for Small Businesses

Success for most businesses always boils down to the bottom line. Finding ways to cut costs is one of the most efficient methods of saving money and increasing net profits, especially in a small business. If you are looking for ways to cut your expenses, then here are some quick cost-saving ideas for your small business:

Review your expenses

The first step in managing your expenses is keeping track of them. It is next to impossible to cut costs if you do not record where all your money goes. Be on toes with the day-to-day expenditure- even for the seemingly non-essential things.

With proper records, you will know which areas you can save on and what subscriptions you may need to say goodbye to before they renew. Get good accounting software to categorize your expenses and see those wasteful expenses that the business can comfortably do without so that you eliminate them. Plan your finances by making a budget and try as hard as you can to stick to it. Auditing the business also helps you spot where you can potentially cut back.

Use a coworking or shared office space

With a small business, there is no need to rent an entire floor or building. Your business may not even be big enough to fill an entire office. That means that the chances may be that you are paying for more office real estate than you need. Cut costs by finding another business to share the space and cut down on the rent.

Alternatively, if it is not necessary to have a permanent office, consider looking for coworking space that will save you the hassle of expensive leases. The biggest plus for this arrangement is that you not only save money. You also have the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and business owners.

Go Paperless

In this time and age, going paperless is a necessity. Running a paperless business helps you lower printing and storage costs all at once. Cutting down the use of paper not only enables you to save money but also the environment. If you cannot go completely paperless, you can try taking steps such as double-sided printing, reducing the fonts of the words, and reusing scrap papers.

Go Digital

Hiring a PR company and printing posters is so costly. Digital platforms are now available to help you cut down the cost. Spending so much on marketing does not always guarantee an increase in sales. It would be best if you chose more effective and less costly ways of advertising. Having an online presence exposes your business to potential customers across all geographical areas. Most digital marketing ways are inexpensive and free, so it is time that you take advantage of them.


You do not have to hire full-time employees for every single aspect of your business operation. Outsourcing is an excellent idea that will save your business tons of money. You save money when you outsource for skills that you may not need every day in the business. A better alternative would be to hire staff augmentation companies. In a staff augmentation setup, you outsource outside personnel temporarily for particular projects or reinforce your current capacity on an as-needed basis.

The best thing with freelance contracts is that they have lower risks and allow for better flexibility. You will avoid investing a lot in in-house talent and still access top-quality skills and infrastructure.

Encourage remote working

If your business is the kind that can thrive even with remote work, take advantage of that to downsize the office space. If some of your employees can work remotely, you will not need a large office area. You will then get to reduce rent costs and consequently maximize the net profits.

Ask for Discounts

If you are looking to cut down the cost, you should always ask for discounts. Several suppliers and vendors can offer up to 50% discount on their products under specific requirements. You need to inquire about the requirement, and once you meet them, you can qualify to acquire goods at a lower price. Most retailers do not advertise discounts plans, so you need to take the initiative to ask them.

Employ Smart but Entry Level Employers

Experience is vital, but it is not everything. Hiring fresh college graduates and training them has turned out to be effective and cuts down the cost. This will help you save money, as you have to pay an entry-level salary. Remember that experience comes at a price. These employers are the best because they are more enthusiastic about entering the job market and are always ready to learn. It is essential to have employees who have the zest to work and are up-to-date on the latest technology.

Save Energy

Saving energy is not only a PR move, but it is also a smart financial move. No matter the location of your business, you should choose to follow intelligent ways to save energy. For example, investing in LED bulbs will help you save three-quarters of your lighting bill per year. It would help if you also went for simple moves such as turning off the bulbs when not in use and choosing a duplex printer to save money and paper. Making eco-friendly changes will save energy and help you cut down the cost.

Stay on top of taxes

Did you know that there may be a wide array of business tax relief that you may have been sleeping on in the past? Yes, you may have qualified for business rate relief on some of your property. If you are not savvy on tax matters, consider hiring a temporary tax expert to help you identify opportunities to cut down on the tax expenditure. You could also choose to get an accountancy tool to help you with that.

Final Remarks

Try out these quick tips to cut your expenses and increase your profit margins. As you cut costs, be careful not to lower the quality of your products and services.