Creating a Positive Work Environment

Creating a Positive Work Environment

1.         Tap into feelings of gratitude

Maybe your job is not your true love, but it is important to maintain a positive attitude about your plc of work. There are many things you will find about your job that are big positives or major opportunities for your life. You can develop a more positive attitude about your work by keeping a journal where you list all the things you love about your work, maybe it’s a co-worker that makes you laugh or a free-cup of coffee that really makes your day.  Keep a careful record of everything you really like about your work and soon you will see your attitude about work begins to change.

2.         Bring in nature

We are all natural creatures living in a natural world and it really does help to bring a bit of that nature into our lives and workplaces. Consider all the natural elements that can be introduced into your office space. You could get a succulent plant that won’t require too much responsibility and then move to office flowers or a ficus.

Creating a Positive Work Environment
Creating a Positive Work Environment

3.         Get active in your lunch break

If you can’t bring the natural world inside, then take some time each day to get outside and enjoy the natural environment in your area. You can do this on your lunch break. See if you can take a stroll through a nearby park or even just a bit over fresh air outside of the building. This will do wonders for your creativity and thought power.

4.         Be positive and friendly towards your co-workers

Another great way to begin loving your job is to start building better relationships with those you are working with. Finding time to make better connections with your coworkers can relieve the tediousness of work and offer laughs and fun while on the job.

5.         Declutter your desk

If your desk is clean and organized, you will find that it is also easier to think and focus on your work. It is not a waste of time to go over your desk space and drawers and get everything into proper working order. This doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes and if you get into a routine it will take even less. At the end of each workday, take a moment to place everything back where it belongs.

Positive Work Environment
Positive Work Environment

You will want to begin by taking as long as you need to decide what your optimal work environment looks like. Is the monitor at a good height, could it use some lifting? Get everything right for maximum efforts and if you are feeling really proactive, you could even tidy up your PC Desktop.

6.         Decorate your space

Yes, this might seem like an obvious one and most of you probably have already completed this task. But, having pictures of your friends and loved ones out in your workplace can keep your mind positive and remind you of your bigger goals when it comes to facing the tediousness of the third and fourth hours. 

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Then, try lightening the mood with a really spiffy desk lamp that suits your personality. Getting the lighting right is not just important to efficient work but keeps your eyes safe as well. There will also be a need to invest in proper pens, post-its, notebooks, and anything else you need for a truly stellar workday. Wall vinyl is a fantastic way of adding some interest and fun to an office space.

You can find out more about how to maximize productivity by perfecting your office space by taking some ideas from this blog post.

7.         Read your fan mail

In case you haven’t done this. Create a special folder where you keep all the positive comments and notes you have received from your clients. Any time you are feeling low or like your motivation could use a kick in the pants, take time to peruse all the great things people have had to say about you.

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