Why Check A Driving Record?

When hiring for an opening at your company you’re seeking out an employee with a specific set of skills to fit needed tasks and duties. Many jobs require driving skills to be successful at be it for delivery of goods or driving to a specific location for a job. A check driving record can tell you the driving history of any applicant.

There are several background checks designed to tell you about the background of a potential hire and verify claimed information. A person’s driving background is useful to know if their job involves regular driving especially if they are trusted with company equipment. Here are other reasons a driving record check is important.

What A Driving Record Tells You

When you run a background check on a potential hire’s driver history you learn several valuable things. A background report tells you about any license suspension or revocations, ticket history, court appearances, and any other legal concerns. An important thing to remember about a driving history report is that there is no wider national database of driving history. Each state keeps its own driving records, and you have to request them from the local DMV. If a potential hire has lived in several locations or moved around a lot you may have to request several sets of records from different states to get a full picture of their driving history.

Why This Information Is Important

1. Verifies They Can Perform The Job

If your job opening involves regular driving you want whomever you hire to be able to reliably operate a vehicle. If a driving record check shows several tickets or accidents this may call into question their ability to do the job safely and reliably. Some more severe issues such as license suspensions and legal issues can make an applicant unsuitable for a job entirely. Naturally every job is different and depending on your needs some issues may be more important than others. No matter what your standards may be a driving background check allows you to make an informed choice.

2. Lets You Know Your Company Equipment Is Safe

When you trust an employee with company equipment you want to know your equipment is in good hands. Some companies entrust employees with a good deal of company equipment not just tools but also company automobiles. Many company automobiles are specialized or work vehicles that are not the easiest to replace. Plus you don’t want your company fleet to have any unneeded repairs. A new hire with a clean driving history shows that you can trust them to take care of company equipment and have lower odds of accidents or mishaps than a less careful driver.

3. Protects Your Company Reputation

When an employee is driving a company automobile they are representing your company the wider community. The last thing you want is someone associated with your company driving recklessly or getting into an accident. In addition to the legal concerns and insurance issues, there is also the matter of your reputation. You don’t want your company name to be seen badly in the local community or end up in the local press. A driving background check tells you the person you’re giving the company automobile to can be trusted to use it well during normal business activities.

Final Thoughts

When you need to fill a position at your company a lot of time, money, and effort goes into that endeavor. When you hire an employee you want to pick the best person possible for the job somebody you know who can do it and also do it well. A driving record check is one part of a larger whole but for companies reliant on driving to perform their business it is a key part of the interview process.